Escape Fear with A Leap of Faith


For years I simply survived from one day to the next in default. Each day it felt another part of me was disappearing into the quicksand surrounding me. Fear further paralyzed me from even considering a change was possible.

Until – a thought managed to break through that suggested that just maybe, life was not meant to be a struggle with no hope in sight. That perhaps my life had purpose and a meaning if I would break free from the fears surrounding me and weighing me down.

The fear that things would ‘never change’actual became the spark that something had to change.  The fear that unless I made a way for positive change to take place in my life, my son, daughter, and grand kids would feel they too had to simply survive with whatever tiny portion of life the universe handed to them. My desire that they experience more in life, drove me to find a way to prove more is possible.

But fear is relentless. As soon as a decision to change fear rears up with all the reasons why change is a big mistake!

” You will fail (again).”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

“You can never change’.

“Its not worth it”

“You’re not worth it.”

“____________ ” (fill in your fear here)

BUT – once the fear of NOT changing becomes bigger than the fear of changing, Action is required.

My first was believing God created me for more. So with His help – I can be more.

My next decision was to ‘do it afraid, if necessary, but do it!

Take that leap of faith without seeing the landing zone, having all the answers or

waiting for the fear to vanish.

That leap of faith in the face of fear is the key to that first step towards a life of freedom, health, purpose and abundance.

Has fear vanished since I took that leap of faith three years ago?  Nope. But in the midst of living and taking action to see those changes coming to pass, the fear doesn’t linger as long as it once did. I don’t find myself overwhelmed by fear any longer.

Instead, I acknowledge it, examine it in the new light of truth at work in my life and press ahead.  The future is bright and no doubt holds more than I can imagine -but my vision, dream and expectation is now in the knowledge that I fully Optin-2-Living with my eyes on the goals rather than the fears.

That leap of faith made it all possible!

What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid?

Perhaps NOW is the time for your Leap of Faith.

Take that leap.

Do it afraid if you must,,

but decided today to LIVE life to the fullest.






3 thoughts on “Escape Fear with A Leap of Faith

  1. Beautiful words !
    I can relate it with myself … During my 12th grade final examination , some students would be there who are known to make you feel low . But I laid all my trust in the one who created me , from then onwards I’m no more bothered about what the world says about me , but am I good in the sight of the the almighty ,Is what I bother about !


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