My 5 year plan to Financial Freedom

In my last post I explained that I am seeking financial freedom as one part of living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Having grown up following the expected life plans designated by those around me, I believed that part of being a responsible adult meant getting a job, cashing a paycheck, paying bills and repeating the cycle. As my parents and grandparents said…There is no happily ever after this kiddo is the real world. Working 40 or more hours at a J.O.B ( defined as just-over-broke).

As I broke free from living life in the default mode I started to rediscover long forgotten dreams and visions that perhaps there was something else. Having had a lifetime love for art, I began to put myself out there as an artist and was pleasantly surprised to find a small group of fans, make a few sales, and show my artwork throughout my local community. The only problem was that I quickly realised sales of artwork was not going to help me reach my goal for financial freedom. It is a labor intensive progress, only so many pieces can be created by me at any given time and it is not a consumable product. Even the biggest gallery has only so much space for art.

Having also had a love for essential oils and found them to be helpful in providing me a natural alternative to prescription meds or over-the-counter products that I never felt confident in using I decided to research into the possibilities of building my own business with essential oils. I knew having used several oils bought both on and off line that all essential oils are not created equal. for instance, I have bought eucalyptus oils from several sources for help with migraine relief. Some labeled ‘Therapeutic Pure’ oil had no effect at all, while others a\had varying degrees of effectiveness.

A friend introduced my to Young Living Essential Oils and after trying several of my standbys for a few weeks, I decided to research and see what made these oils so much more effective!

What I found out is that while all other companies out there are essential oil brokers, contracting to purchase their oils from various sources with no real control over the products they buy, Young Living Essential Oils the oldest essential oil producers in the world! Yes, Young Living produces their oils with an amazing Seed-to-Seal process that gives them total control of the product that you purchase directly from them. Literally from the choice of seed that goes into the ground, cultivation methods, the unique distillation process based on each oil, rigorous testing and sealing their products in their own facilities each step is controlled to bring you the highest quality essential oils in the world.


I knew this was a company I could gladly become a part of because of the amazing care and attention they place on this amazing Seed-to-Seal processes.  I began by purchasing a start kit of introductory oils and quickly fell in love with each and every oil in that first shipment!

As anyone likely understands building a business of any kind is not an ‘over night option’. no get-rich-quick day dreams here! I do have a vision, goal and plan for financial freedom in 3-5 years. In all likelihood a reasonable steady income by the 3rd year and more freedom by year five. The financial freedom I have in mind is not simply a residual income each month without the need for full-time hours. My definition of financial freedom includes time freedom and the freedom to choose when, where and how I work my business. When, where and how I give to others by helping individuals to pursue their own financial freedom and giving into various projects and ministries as opportunity arises.

Year One – Lay the Foundation! Discover-Share-Invite!

Explore all the amazing products and business opportunities available through Young Living. Build my knowledge base for  the products through personal use and research. Build my knowledge base  for building a successful business and networking with an amazing team of individuals. Individuals with a common focus to encourage each other to Optin-2-Living their lives to the fullest with all natural products and a fun, healthy balanced lifestyle.

Year Two – Network and brainstorm with my team to grow our businesses and share the amazing benefits of both the Young Living products and the business opportunity for others wanting to join the team and begin their own oily journey the health, wellness and abundance.

Years Three to Five – As everyone on the team continues to Discover-Share and Invite others to try Young Living Products, residual income becomes a reality. With each member doing  small to moderate steady sales each month, everyone benefits! Real financial freedom is a reasonable expectation by Year 5.

According to Market Research Store – the Global Essential Market sales is ready to explode to 9.8 Billion USD by the year 2020! This is another reason I am confident that my choice to work with Young Living Essential Oils is the best thing I can do to obtain my financial freedom while building a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family!

If you are interested in becoming a part of my team or simply looking for more information concerning Young Living Essential Oils. Leave a comment below!!!

Be blessed and never forget to OPTIN2Living with intent & purpose!


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