Moving from Survival to THRIVE Mode

I grew tired of simply surviving.

Like so many people in this world, I have spent most of my life living by default. Just as a default setting in a computer automatically dictates how programs are run and what steps are taken for certain tasks, my life played out in default based on decisions, beliefs, situations and circumstances which others determined for me.

Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time. We are all set on default mode to some extent. Our family histories, expectations and belief systems become ingrained in us at such an early age they are assumed to be the normal way to live, move and react. Those of us raised in dysfunctional homes where abuse and/ or negative views of life were a daily occurrence grew thinking these were the norm for most of the world. Or at the very least the norm for us.

Living by default offered no alternatives.

Dreams and goals were often looked upon as a waste of time because ‘life in the real world is the school of hard knocks, and you just better get used to it.’ With those type beliefs deeply ingrained – living by default offered no alternatives.

But there is something better!


Several years ago,I believe God finally set my feet on a different path when I woke to the realization in my 50’s that I did not have to continue living by default. God is a good and loving Father who had amazing plans for my life and I could achieve the dreams, hopes and visions I had always secretly harbored in my heart because He was the one who had placed them there.

I decided to OPTIN to Living rather than surviving.

Through a series of events, I began to break free from an abusive, poverty-driven mind set and learn to OPTIN to life. To LIVE with the expectation that I can and will THRIVE rather than simply survive. That dreams really can become reality when I put intentions and actions into place and believe that with God on my side, nothing is impossible!

An OPTIN Life is..

even more amazing with friends!

This means of course that my life is a journey and I am not ‘there yet’….as far as some goals. But – I know I am not where I used to be either! I daily make the decision to intentionally opt-in! I now take action to design my day with intent and purpose in mind.

Reset Your Life Options ..


Are you are tired of life in the default mode? If you are tired of sleep-walking your way through life-there is hope! You can decide here and now to Optin-2-Living!

I cannot make that decision or take action for you. It is after all YOUR life to live.

However,I am here to cheer, encourage and help in any way I can.

Together we can enjoy life knowing that we are made to THRIVE!

Be blessed!